Contrary to popular opinion, I did not lose a bet. It began as a promotion for KGB Radio in San Diego. They were looking to suit somebody up for $2 an hour and give away candy Easter eggs at the zoo for a week. The premise was to compliment their advertising campaign at the time which featured a cartoon chicken overseeing a nest of two eggs in symbolizing KGB’s AM and FM stations. One egg was painted a primary color for the AM side while the other one was designed psychedelic-style for the FM twin.

I was hired on the spur of the moment off the campus at San Diego State University when no one else really wanted the job.

When the original assignment at the zoo was done, I asked station heads if I could stay on to attend Padre baseball games in character. They would benefit with impromptu advertising and I would get to see some free baseball. (Albeit, I had to watch through a bothersome beak, but hey, it was better than a knothole).

For the promise of a simple plug on the air for their home games, they said yes, provided KGB would be responsible for my $2 pay. A World Trade pact, this was not.

As I started having some fun with the ridiculousness of it all, the days became weeks, the weeks turned into months and the rest was Chicken history. And to this day, I still don’t have a real job. This really is a great country, you know.