The Chicken occasionally receives art from fans ranging from photos taken at an event to drawings from children. This page is going to share those submissions from fans. Thank you to everyone who has provided artwork.

Check out this collection of comic strips written about The Chicken. These cartoons are sure to leave you in stitches.

Click here to see them.

Brady Phelps, the pancake dad, made a special pancake of The San Diego Chicken. You can follow Brady Phelps on Twitter @LobShots to see all his amazing pancake creations. Looks delicious!

The San Diego Chicken made an appearance at the 2015 Anthrocon convention in Pittsburgh. Polar Wildcat Studios drew this artwork of The Chicken. You can follow them @PaWS_Arts on Twitter.

This submission came from a creative artist by the name of Andy Finkle. The canvas painting is called “Pangalactic Famous Chicken.” Andy’s art kicks off our new web page.

Submitted: March 2010

The Chicken made a visit to Colorado Springs in the summer of 2013. The Sky Sox asked the Chicken to come in on short notice because officials had placed a ban on fireworks due to the wild fires there. This photo was taken by Paul Caputo. Maya, Paul’s daughter and the young girl in the picture greeting The Chicken, was involved in the baby chicken routine on the field. You can read about the night’s entertainment on Paul’s blog.

Submitted: July 2013